Our vision

At MHF, we have the ambition to perform all projects safely and of high quality and service. To value this ambition and improve these values, MHF is continously working on development and innovation through training of our personnel and investment in capacity and facilities. By safe and good perfomance of today we can charis a long-term trustful relationships future with both clients, employees and suppliers.

Through performance as a main contractor for fabrication, modification, repairs and installation of steel structures and piping, MHF will deliver high quality products in a safe manner, now and in the future, by:

  • Put the safety of our employees and organisation at our highest priority
  • Providing work enviroment which is equal for all employees in the organisation
  • Open communication at all levels in the organisation about quality, health, safety and enviroment
  • Making clear agreements with clients, regarding specifications, price, and delivery time of products or services
  • Continously improving our quality, health, safety and enviroment standards