Assembling, testing and certification

Client’s requirements are leading for the scope of work. Assembling and testing can be part of this. MHF can perform these tasks within the workshop or at site.

Assembling can be mounting sheaves and shafts within sheave foundations, assembling gratings and handrails on platforms but also ROV baskets with removable pins, hinges, etc.

After assembling the products can be tested, as part of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). MHF can provide as part of FAT:

  • Load testing
  • Motion/moving testing
  • Trail fit
  • Weight control
  • 3D measurement
  • Pressure testing

MHF has delivered low pressure and high pressure piping up to 20.000PSI tested at 150% (2095Bar) with own equipment. Pressure testing equipment is suitable for testing up to 3000Bar.

Certification of products can be performed in combination with a third party. But MHF is also a certified company for fabrication of steel structures with CE-marking as per EN1090-1:2009 Execution Class 3.